Kalahari Waterpark (Poconos, PA)

Kalahari Waterpark (Poconos, PA)

So Easter just passed, and I didn’t want to just sit home or do Chuck E Cheese, yet again with my son. I was thinking of taking a road trip up to Hershey Park in Pennsylvania but I soon learned that it wasn’t open during the week. What now?! What can I do that I won’t have to spend a fortune?! After some research I decided on the Kalahari Waterpark in the Poconos. After trying to find anyone to take the road trip with me, with no luck, it was just going to be my son and I. So an hour after deciding on our trip we embarked on our journey. After 4 hours of driving, including pulling over a couple of times to soak in the scenery, we made it to our hotel for the night.

After doing some research on Kalahari Resorts I decided to stay off property and just buy day passes to the Waterpark. Since it’s just my son and I, this was the less expensive option. For a one night stay at the resort (Waterpark passes included) the Kalahari Resort was charging $560. I decided on staying at the Best Western At Blakesee-Pocono. I paid $65 for the one night stay at the Best Western, and then the day pass at Kalahari was $99 per person.  So instead of paying $560 to stay at the Kalahari Resort, I paid $265 for our hotel plus day passes. Now if you’re a larger family, then staying at the resort may actually be worth it instead of paying $100 per person for a day pass to the resort. So just compare prices before going and purchasing your hotel stay (if you’re trying to find the best deal).

After sleeping the night at the Best Western, we grabbed some free breakfast, and made our way to Kalahari for a fun filled day. The Kalahari resort was a 15 minute drive from our hotel. Walking in the building I became a little overwhelmed, it’s not a typical resort lobby. There was a lot going on and not many signs to direct you where to go. Once I made my way to the lower level I was blown away by the size of the arcade, it was like walking into Dave and Busters. I also noticed they had indoor mini golf, and an adventure park (zip lines) outside. If I had known in advance how much this place had to offer I would’ve stayed more than one day. Going to Kalahari could easily be a nice 3 day weekend getaway.

Once we made it into the Waterpark section I was instantly happy with choosing Kalahari over the competitors nearby. The temperature in the room was warm enough not to need a towel, water temperatures were nice enough to swim all day, and there was enough to do so that each age group could enjoy themselves (they even have a 21+ swim up bar for the adults).  The larger slides they have have a minimum height of 48 inches. Also if your child is under 48 inches they are required to wear a life jacket (or puddle jumper) regardless of swimming ability. If you don’t have either of those, don’t worry, both of those options are provided by the facility.

Overall, I highly recommend Kalahari for a nice family get away.  Every age group will have a great time. 

Have any questions?! Or additional details?! Leave them in the comments section, I’ll be sure to reply.

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