Hey Y’all,  I know some of you have been patiently waiting for this post and I’ve been delaying this.  Once I landed back home I had so many things I had to take care of, including buying my dress for my best friend’s wedding that’s coming up in 2 months (Congratulations Samantha).  Alas I finally found some time to sit down and get started on this post.

So Prague. Quick Overview:  Absolutely beautiful city, filled with friendly people and Gothic Architecture. For those of you who are foodies, there’s plenty of things here for you too.  They are known for their amazing beer and heavy food to pair with the beer.

The customs line in Prague was refreshing,  although I wasn’t the first off the aircraft I got through customs in less than 10 minutes.  Once through customs I pulled out my phone to go to Google Maps.  I could’ve taken the tram system to Old Town and walk about 10 minutes to the hotel, or take a 30 minute Uber ride.  I wound up taking an Uber because I didn’t know my way around yet.  The ride only cost about $20.

Upon arriving in the hotel I was immediately impressed.  I stayed at Hotel Yasmin in Nova Town.  (click here for their website). The hotel room was very large, and for a European hotel that’s a rare find.  I was even more impressed being as this hotel wasn’t even priced high (only about $100/night).  This hotel even included a free buffet breakfast with a LARGE selection and an Omelet station. The hotel was also very close to all the tourist spots with only about a 10 minute walk to Old Town Square – very convenient.


First day in Prague I ate at the Mona Lisa . This restaurant was about a block away from my hotel, and I stumbled upon it while exploring the area. My favorite thing about this restaurant is they had a separate room that no one sat in, so I decided to eat in there in case my 2 year old decided to follow his toddler instincts and be rambunctious, haha. This restaurant had a vast variety of foods on their menu.  I ordered the Steak with mushrooms, and my son had the Chicken with “smiley fries”.  Each of these meals were of good quality and filling.


For the next day in Prague I booked a tour through Expedia, with Gray Line Tours.  This tour was $66 and included bus ride to the Prague Castle, lunch, and a boat ride (which included your choice of beverage and ice cream/cake).

After a very informative bus ride around this city, the walking tour began at the Prague Castle.  According to some records it is stated that the Prague Castle is the largest castle area in the world.  All together with its courtyards and buildings this castle covers 18 acres of land.


At 12pm the changing of guards occurs in the main courtyard.  This event gets packed and FAST.  Its a very interesting ceremony and if you’re not one of the first against the fence you won’t be able to see it (since you aren’t allowed in to the courtyard).  I recommend getting to the main courtyard at around 11:50 and get a spot against the fence that way you have a good view of the changing of guards.  The ceremony lasts about 5 minutes and was very cool to see.

My favorite sight inside the Prague  Castle was St. Vidus Cathedral.  This Cathedral had large, beautiful stain glass windows lining the walls and highlighting mosaics.  The Gothic architecture was beautiful and breathtaking.  There is a section of this church which holds the tombs of many Bohemian Kings and Holy Royal Emperors.  The history on this church is nice to learn about and I’m glad I had a tour guide to help shed light on so much I would’ve missed had I ventured off by myself.


After touring the castle I had lunch in the restaurant on the castle grounds.  I don’t remember the exact name of this restaurant. First course of lunch was salad, main course was Chicken (the plate you see in the above picture was the main course), and the desert was a lovely honey cake, it was absolutely delicious.


After lunch it was time to make my way down the hill to go on my way to the next big sight.  On my way I passed many interesting sights, including the US embassy (and many other embassies), a graffiti wall with many inspirational sayings and notes to loved ones, and my favorite the John Lennon Pub.  The John Lennon Pub was my favorite because I found it odd that they created a pub for this man, but would never invite him to come to the pub due to the fact that he has long hair, and that’s a big “no-no” for them.


After a little exploring I made it to the Charles Bridge.  This bridge is absolutely beautiful, filled with many statues and other magnificent pieces.   Although this one was small it was my favorite.  Touching the cross on this piece granted you one wish, and also many loved ones put locks with their initials and threw the keys into the water signifying that they would remain together forever.


After walking across the Charles Bridge I got to see it from a whole new perspective, the water.  I took a boat tour which showed me a new beautiful view of this magnificent bridge.  On the boat they gave us a beverage (I chose beer) and a snack (ice cream or cake).  This boat tour was very informative and a nice way to relax and sight see at the same time.


After the boat tour ended I walked a little bit more and ended the tour in Old Town Square. This is the oldest square in the historic section with origins dating back to the 10th century. This is the sight of many Gothic buildings. The Old Town Square has many restaurants and even offers street food.  I always like to stop at street food stands in other countries because I feel the food is more authentic.  Even though the square is not large you can spend all day there sight seeing, eating, and shopping.

I went back to the Old Town Square during the night to gain a totally new perspective of this beautiful little gem.  The night time view to me is just magical, but maybe that’s because I love when buildings are all lit up.


My son and I grabbed a bite to eat at Oliva Verde, which is right across from the Astronomical Clock (which you can see in the background of the picture of my son).  This restaurant offered traditional Czech food, a large beer/wine menu, and pizza (which Elijah was begging me for all day).


After dinner we grabbed some ice cream.  I smelt the sweet cinnamon rolls all day and was dying to try some.  I’m not sure if it was the way this place made it, or maybe that’s just how it is, but I wasn’t impressed at all, I would have preferred a regular ice cream cone over the dough with cinnamon, it was very hard, and the dough had a cardboard flavor.


All in all,  I absolutely loved Prague, I love a quaint city with Gothic architecture and good food and this definitely hit all those requirements for me.  If you’re thinking of visiting Prague I would make sure to add it to your “must visit” list.

If you have any questions, or if you have a suggestion to make for future travelers, leave it in the comments below.

Until Our Next Adventure,