Governor’s Beach

Governor’s Beach

I have been to Grand Turk, an island of Turks and Caicos, 3 times. Each time I have been here was thanks to a Carnival Cruise ship. Usually I book an excursion with Papa J Tours and then hang out at the port after that. This time I decided to change things up, since, it was my 2nd time at Grand Turk in 2017. I decided to explore the island a bit further. A quick Google search brought me to the conclusion that Governor’s Beach would be the best place to spend my day.


I walked to the taxi stand at the edge of the port and grabbed a cab to Governor’s Beach. $4 a person and a 10 minute ride brought me right to the beach. You can tell that there was damage to the area from the recent hurricanes, but it didn’t distract from the beauty of this beach. Although there was some damage, there were still huts with working plumbing incase you had to use the restroom.

When I arrived at the beach I was immediately in awe of the white sand, so soft and warm on my toes. This crystal blue water rolled up onto the shore, bringing seashell fragments with every wave. The water was amazingly clear, to the point where you could see all the way to the bottom. Although this water did have some waves, they were extremely small, you were able to just wade in the water.  This beach has definitely made my list of favorite beaches.


By the entrance of the beach there is a shipwreck that you can’t miss. This ship is the Mega One Triton. The Mega One Triton started as an oil rig but was later decommissioned and began a journey as a cargo ship. During Hurricane Sandy in 2012, this ship was washed ashore on Grand Turk. There have been several attempts to remove the boat but due to size, and lack of funding this ship continues to stay on the shore. Some may see it as an eye sore, but I see it as a unique landmark. Also if you are into snorkeling, there is a lot of sea life to be found near the rocks off to this side of this ship.


After enjoying the beautiful Governor’s Beach it was time to grab some food. I decided to head into the town, Cockburn, for some local food. All of the locals recommended going to Barbie’s Restaurant so of course I went as per their recommendations.


I ordered the jerk chicken and rice which was VERY GOOD. The jerk chicken had just the right amount of spice, and cooked to perfection. I was also with a couple of other tourists from the cruise ship that ordered honey garlic wings, fish fingers, and conch. Each person agrees that the food here was very good. If you are in the area you should definitely stop by Barbie’s. She gets the “fish of the day” fresh every day!

While here I used a driver that was amazing. He was extremely friendly and trustworthy, his name was Tony. He brought us around the island and showed us many different points of interest for no extra charge. Tony brought us past his house to show us his horses, and he also waited for us in town, holding our bags while we did some souvenir shopping. If you’re heading to Grand Turk and would like his contact information please leave a comment below with your email address and I’ll email you his information.

I can not say enough good things about the little island of Grand Turk! All lovers of the Caribbean should make a stop at Grand Turk.

Until our next adventure,